Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Proj 365 Feb 1 Beagles on the Run

Yes, its a bad photo but that is why I am posting it. For those who ooo and aahhh about somebody's photos, there are a truckload of stickers no matter who they are.  Don't get discouraged about the stinkers, learn from it what to do better next time.
I was trying to get a photo of my beagles as they raced around the backyard when I brought them out of the house and let them go in the back (they do this every morning). It was a little bit earlier than usual and when I dropped their leashes, they took off. P&Ss are slower to react and set up and by the time I could even get it turned on, the beagles were halfway around the backyard so I had to hurry to get anything. This is what I got. The streak of bright light you see is a single light, blurred by the panning action as I try to follow the dogs.

Could I have done better with my DSLR? Probably. No shutter delay, easier to reach and set controls. I may try to capture this shot with my DSLR later but then again, I have to be more prepared. With my P&S I could put the camera in my pocket and go out with the dogs. With my DSLR, I will have to preposition it in the backyard as I wouldn't want to walk around with in while the dogs are pulling. (In the morning they tend to be excited about getting out.)

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