Monday, February 14, 2011

Proj 365 Feb 12th Steve Barrett's Funeral

Steve was given a military burial. His widow asked me to photograph the funeral. At this time I am not going to post any of the photos except this one. They are in the process of giving him a 21 gun salute. As I was driving my father in law and wife, I couldn't get the shot I wanted. As we left the funeral home and the hearse started to pull out, a Senior Master Sergeant stood at attention and saluted the hearse. We thought it was part of the military honors but it was simply an old friend saying goodbye and giving the honor due him. (Sergeants never salute other sergeants so that made this especially poignant).
He was 63 and used to be a hunter and fisherman. Great outdoors person. He ignored a heart attack (never went to the doctor, didn't think it was a serious one) and continued to smoke. I saw him 3 weeks ago and he could barely walk. Heart and lungs down to 20% capacity. If I smoked, I would be quitting right now!

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