Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Proj 365 Feb 15th Dinner

Well, sometimes the clock is ticking and its almost midnight and you haven't taken a photo. Well, something out of my life. Got off work at 10PM, got home at 11, fed the dogs. and sat down to dinner. (Fridays and Saturdays its even later, usually get home at midnight). Had coupon for BOGO at Burger King so had one for lunch and this was dinner.
Will try to do better but sometimes you get caught late at night and perhaps that too is part of Project 365, reflecting the hectic part of our lives to do so much else than photography.
Have to admit that Steve's funeral has left me pondering a lot of things about life and priorities and what we achieve as we rush and work so hard.
Meanwhile, have to fix grill handle that broke, inspect photos I had dry matted for show, reorder to replacement prints where matting ruined two (at least), finish processing funeral photos (575 I think), and get two photos framed and delivered for a show by Friday morning. Oh yeah, work and go to the allergist. Busy, busy.

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