Saturday, January 15, 2011

Proj 365 Jan 15th Jail Break Planned

Aaahh, yesterday I mentioned my two beagles and explained how they aren't dogs but reincarnations of Houdini in a little fur coat. Beagles are interesting, you never outsmart them, you buy time until the next event.

Here we have Gwen (Gwenivere) on the left and Lana in the back on the right on their way to the vet.

I believe the conversation goes like this:

Gwen: Ok Lana when he opens the door, I leap to the right and you go left."

Lana: "Gotcha."

Notice the red clip (anybody know what you call that thing?). That is my security device. If they manage to get loose, they will get snagged the first time they go past something like a pole or mailbox. Trust me, I know they will and they haven't (yet) figured out how to unwrap themselves.(They will someday, beagles love a challenge). So far they haven't gotten loose since I started using the clip but they do occasionally get under the deck when I take them to the back yard and wrap around the post under the deck before I can get them unhooked and in the yard.

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