Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Project 365 Jan 12th Love flags

OK, now the creative juices had time to work. Was on my way to lunch and had an assignment for to photograph the force of wind in the month of January. As I walked out the door to
Arby's the cold (38) and the wind cut right through me and I realized this was the opportunity I wanted. Went to the car and got my new Canon SX 210 IS Point and Shoot I got for Christmas (thank you kids). And I stood out in the freezing wind and took photos. I quickly remembered how my Nikon DSLR takes the shot almost instantly whereas P&S's have a lag between pressing the shutter and taking the photo. Did I mention the wind was literally freezing?

 I submitted the first one for my entry at Nikonians even though it had McD in the background. Reasoning? I wanted to include the flag at half staff and the American flag at McD's added to the idea of the force of the wind.

My son like the second one better.

Ooopps, its 9:15 and I forgot to get a shot for today the 13th. Need to go think and look around. This once a day thing is going to be harder than it sounded.

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