Friday, January 21, 2011

Proj 365 Jan 21 Time Keeps on Ticking Ticking into the Future

Before you say what an easy shot, guess again. I was using my Canon P&S as I said I would use as much as I can, at least initially. Time was ticking against me to get a shot for today and it was getting late and I am tired from the trip I returned on Wednesday and had to run around solving car problems Thursday, and today playing catchup on everything including these blogs. Then it hit me, time is working against me, photograph time. Ok, 25 shots or so later. The problem with the P&S is that the lens wouldn't open enough to get a shutter speed that didn't show movement from a handheld shot. Tick, tick, tick, finally got it.

Later in my Photography blog ( I am going to write about the amount of time a photographer spends after the "click". It is incredible how much time is spent on downloading, post processing, uploading, writing, etc. And with that I am going to bed, its been a long day.  Goodnight.

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