Friday, January 28, 2011

Proj 365 Jan 28th Surprise Sign

Lots to do and the clock is ticking.

This appeared in my yard the other day. As I live on the corner, signs tend to pop up but on the edge of the street. This is in my yard! I don't mind but I wish they had asked. OLCAFA is the "Oak Level Community Against Forced Annexation". The city of Rocky Mount has been trying (unsuccessfully so far) so annex our community as well as several others.

They say it will help us. They offer (1) Street Lights (which we already have); (2) City water (we already have and are paying for); (3) Sewers (which we will pay for by the foot and since I live on a corner lot, I will pay dearly) and then we will also pay to actually connect to the sewers; (4) Rocky Mount Police Protection. No offense to RM but they have their hands full currently. Rocky Mount has a higher crime rate than Durham NC! The mayor says it is because they report the crime figures truthfully while others don't! (Right, anybody that believes that I need to see about selling some prime swamp land in south Georgia.) The RM police are locate a long ways from out area and will take a long time to respond. The Nash County Sheriff is right down the road and does a terrific job (thank you folks).

The real issues?
(1) In the community meeting between RM officials and the communities considered for annexation, it was discovered that we had no say so in the matter! Sort of taxation without representation (in fact it is exactly that!). They are going to take us (they say).
(2) Not only does RM have a high crime rate but they were rated by Forbes magazine in the fall of 2009 as the 9th most impoverished city in the nation! RM will look much better and the crime figures will look much better if they include us. MEANWHILE, our insurance rates go up! They win, we lose.

So far legal challenges have held them at bay while several groups fight for state legislation to stop forced annexation. Time will tell with the new legislature that just took office. MAny of those that failed to support the fight against forced annexation lost their office in the election.

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