Thursday, January 27, 2011

Proj 365 Jan 27 Car Back Home

For those of you watching that day to see if I slip, no I have taken a shot a day of something that reflects my life or interests me along the way. I am trying to do more than just "take a photo". My work schedule has been crazy lately. Friday the 28th I had to leave the house at 9:15 to travel to Durham. Didn't return home but went to work in Raleigh at 2PM. Supposed to get off at 11 but had to stay until 11:30 which means I didn't get home until 12:30 (1 hour drive). Got to bed at 1:45. Have to get up at around 6:45 to take the dogs out and go back to sleep about an hour later. Had to leave for work Saturday at 12:15 after feeding the dogs and getting a shower so I didn't get anything done Saturday morning toward this project other than get a photo.  But I am getting a photo each day, even if they are posted late.

So here is today's photo. My wife's car if finally back from the shop (again) and I am rid of the little red mini whatever it was. The problem  isn't with being a Honda, the problem is some work was done on the car back in August and things resultant from that work keep happening. I can't go into details currently as things have not been resolved and so I have to keep my big mouth shut ((quite an achievement if I say so myself) for a while.

But it is nice to have it back. I am going to drive it a week or so to make sure things are ok and then give it back to my wife and I get my Honda Pilot back.

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