Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Proj 365 Apr 11th - Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't ...

Today was "Feel like a nut" day.

This is  a three photo day. Was out shooting and decided to get a photo of some of my wife's flowers in bloom. A little early so I popped the flash up (didn't bring my Ext flash with me). Took the photos (See left) What! Waayy to dark. Tried again, maybe the flash didn't fire. It fired, but still way too dark. Check settings for flash, ok, flash exposure set to -2/3 which is where I normally keep it. TTL seems to flash a little hot. Raised it to Flash Exp +1 Still too dark. OK, time to .... Oh yeah, I had been playing with remote flash the other day after the Flash Buss Tour and the pop up was set to Commander Mode. Checked it and sure enough, it was in Commander Mode and set to no power. Only enough flash to trigger the remote flash unit and to see, not enough to affect the photo.

 Sooo, I reset the pop up to TTL mode. Much better but a little too hot. Oh, yeah, forgot I had changed the flash exposure. Knock the flash exposure back down some and ...
we have this.

Lesson learned, always reset settings, especially for photo and flash exposure compensation, and don't forget the remote flash settings. Glad it was on my D300 and not the P&S. I feel like I am mining for diamonds as I have to keep drilling down through all the menus.

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