Saturday, April 16, 2011

Proj 365 Apr 16th

A two for day. I was originally going to use just the top photo but added the second one when I saw what tomorrow's post was. I had been at the Seymour-Johnson AFB Air Show. (Photos will be posted on my website when I get through working on them). The Golden Knights Parachute team had already canceled due to high winds and then after the show started and some flights had taken place, the Thunderbirds canceled. The storm coming is was the one that killed 44 people in the sought and 22 of them in North Carolina. As I came home and drove past the community college, this is what I encountered. It isn't night, it is about 2PM in the afternoon. This is the result of the winds blowing across a farmers field to the left of the photo. You should be seeing a traffic
in the center of the top photo. The sign you see in the bottom is immediately to my right at the side of the road.

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