Saturday, April 9, 2011

Proj 365 Apr 9th

I was helping a neighbors kid (same neighbor as yesterday's post but a different, older kid (about 11 or 12)) do a photography assignment. Of 11 things, one was a night shot. For all the photos except this one, I explained things to him but made him take the shot. But for this one, we tried the "night scene" setting (We were using my P&S, no way is he getting ahold of my Nikon D300!)  but it didn't work. It looked good on the screen (almost said viewfinder which it lacks) but when we pressed to focus and take, it got darker. We played with various settings but he was getting frustrated so when I finally got one to work. I called it his as he had paid good attention and I didn't want to frustrate him any more. A little soft but it was getting late and both of us were getting tired. // BTW - they would have to discuss photography so I explained to him the 3 big things are the ISO (sensitivity to light), shutter (how quick it opens and closes letting light in), and aperture (how big the opening in the lens is). They were also going to discuss the business of photography. I told him the easiest way to make money in photography is to sell the camera and equipment.

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